Blog author: jcarter
Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Republicans Retreat On Copyright Reform?
Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest

If the GOP can’t break with the corporate money machines and the Status Quo Lobby on an issue like this one, you have to wonder what the party’s capacity to lead and to innovate really is.

Free Speech, the Supreme Court, and Neutral Principles
William Haun, Public Discourse

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and Judge Robert Bork argue that the First Amendment gives the people greater deference to determine legitimate speech than the courts.

Why understanding Economics is more important than ever
Thomas Purifoy, Economics for Everybody

The truth is that a majority of Americans in both political parties are radically ignorant of basic economics. In numerous ways, most people in the United States have been committed to some form of economic suicide for generations. They just don’t realize the extent of it.

Feeding the Masses
C. Peter Timmer, Wilson Quarterly

Markets help in the process of price discovery—determining what a commodity or service is “worth.” This, in turn, dictates such important values as the price of rice or the wages for unskilled labor. Price discovery is about who gets what.