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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Why the Common Law in America?
Richard Reinsch, Libery Law Blog

Can we understand our Constitution, its central liberty protecting provisions, and can we even properly interpret it without a prior understanding of the common law tradition?

Vatican II as a model for Islamic reform
Lafif Lakhdar,

The adjustment of religion acccording to the facts of the world it lives in–that is, an adjustment to freedom, secularism and democracy.

With @Pontifex, pope reaches out to new kind of followers
Carol Glatz, Catholic News Service

Even though he won’t be physically sending the tweets, the messages “are pearls of wisdom coming from the heart of the pope’s teaching and coming from his own mind and ideas,” he said.

In Orlando, You Can’t Grow Your Own Garden
Ari Bargil, AFF Doublethink

You know government has grown too big when it bans growing a garden in your own yard. Such is the case in Orlando, but one family is fighting to restore common sense and constitutional boundaries on what the government says you cannot do with your land.