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Monday, December 17, 2012

Gehenna in Connecticut
John Podhoretz, Commentary

Gehenna, a synonym for Hell, is a real place, or so the Bible tells us. You can see it today.

Jefferson’s Robust Views of Religious Freedom
Brian Walsh, T.J. Whittle, and Garrett Bauman Public Discourse

Notwithstanding his unorthodox views of Christianity, Thomas Jefferson staunchly adhered to the rights of all religious believers, Christian and non-Christian alike, to free religious exercise.

A Win for Religious Freedom in Illinois
Dominique Ludvigson, The Foundry

On Tuesday, the state of Illinois declined to appeal a recent loss in the Illinois Court of Appeals, which ruled in late September that the state cannot force pharmacists and pharmacies to stock and dispense abortion-inducing drugs in violation of their religious beliefs.

A Brief History of American Prosperity
Guy Sorman, City Journal

An entrepreneurial culture and the rule of law have nourished the nation’s economic dynamism.