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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

An Engagement with Acton on Right to Work
Brian Dijkema, Cardus

A helpful piece by Jordan Ballor suggests that right to work legislation disestablishes unions from the state.

An intriguing look inside religion and Congress: Who prays and for what?
Andrew Malcolm, Investor’s Business Daily

Despite the sacred separation of church and state in American governmental tradition, religion is an everyday fact of life for most Americans and is reflected in the operations of its government.

Alleviating World Poverty: A Progress Report
Wendell Cox, New Geography

There has been a substantial reduction in both the extreme poverty rate and the number of people living in extreme poverty since the early 1980s, according to information from the World Bank poverty database.

The Church and the Mandate
George Weigel, National Review Online

As the Catholic Church and the Obama administration approach the first anniversary of what has become the most serious confrontation between the Church and the federal government in U.S. history — a confrontation caused by a regulatory mandate implementing Obamacare — a review of the strategic situation is in order, with an eye to the terrain ahead.