Blog author: jcarter
Thursday, December 27, 2012

Charity Begins With Wealth Creation
John Stossel, Reason

Charity—helping people who have trouble helping themselves—is a good thing two times over. It’s good for the beneficiary and good for the donor, too.

UK: A ‘Dad’ is Tenth Most Popular Christmas List Request for Children
Hannah Furness, The Telegraph

A ‘dad’ is tenth most popular Christmas list request for children with youngsters happy to forgo the latest iPad, toy or new pet, a survey has found.

America’s Declining Economic Freedom
Brian Brenberg, Values & Capitalism

What do Estonia, Bahrain, Finland and the United Arab Emirates have in common? According to the Fraser Institute’s 2012 “Economic Freedom of the World Report,” they are among the latest countries to surpass the United States in economic freedom.

Americans Recognize Obamacare’s Religious Liberty Problem
Sarah Torre, The Foundry

Americans see the problem with the religious liberty violation at the leading edge of Obamacare implementation, according to a new poll released by Rasmussen Reports.