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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

For those concerned about the way corruption hinders development in Africa, a hopeful story in the Wall Street Journal today (subscription required). Here’s one paragraph:

“Since taking charge of the new Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Mr. Ribadu has pursued oil mobsters, Internet fraudsters and corrupt politicians. The former street cop has 185 active fraud and corruption cases working their way through the courts, up from zero before the commission started its work two years ago. Working in the capital of Abuja from an office overlooking goats grazing in a vacant lot, the wiry 44-year-old has locked up 200 alleged smugglers and seized $700 million in property, including a collection of office buildings, from suspects in oil smuggling and other crimes. Royal Dutch/Shell Group, whose joint venture with the state petroleum company pumps about half of Nigeria’s oil, says the amount of crude stolen from its network has fallen by almost half since early last year.”

  • Jordan J. Ballor

    Then there’s this:

    Kenyan vice-president urges Bible reading to help fight corruption

    Nairobi (ENI). Kenyan Vice-President Moody Awori has urged citizens to read the Bible and to use the word of God to battle corruption, a scourge that he said continues to blight the east African nation. “Read the scriptures and fight the evil of corruption,” Awori told about 2000 guests at the dedication of a translation of the New Testament in the Pokomo language, at Garsen in the Tana River district of the Coast Province. [313 words, ENI-05-0267]