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Monday, January 21, 2013

3 Ways Christians Can Disagree About What to Do About Poverty Politically
Derek Rishmawy, Reformedish

I’m not arguing for a particular political policy or party, or against a particular policy or party, despite what this may look like. I’m just trying to facilitate calmer, more empathetic, and Christ-like discussions within the Christian community by pointing a few things out.

For Syriac Catholic patriarch of Antioch, US, EU and Gulf states stir hatred in Syria
Simone Cantarini, AsiaNews

For Ignatius Joseph III Younan, a Christian presence in Syria is essential for confessional reconciliation between Alawis and Sunnis.

Canadian deans accused of ‘anti-religious bias’ over attempt to block Christian law school
Sarah Boesveld, National Post

In a letter publicized this week, the Canadian Council of Law Deans took aim at Trinity Western University’s “community covenant” — a code of conduct that includes a pledge to remain “abstinen[t] from sexual intimacy that violates the sacredness between a man and a woman.”

Why the Chicken McNugget Is a Great Argument Against Strong Patent Laws
Jordan Weissmann, The Atlantic

How the unpatented research of a brilliant food sciences professor may have helped make the fast-food icon possible.