Blog author: jcarter
Thursday, January 31, 2013

Right Is the New Left
Joy Pullman, Values & Capitalism

Father Robert Sirico, a leader in “morality of capitalism” public arguments, recently spoke at my alma mater, Hillsdale College, on how to think about social justice.

The Piety Myth
Jay W. Richards, Institute for Faith, Work & Economics

God’s concern for the poor isn’t some sidelight. It follows straight from what Jesus tells us are the two greatest commandments.

Regulating school-choice markets
Michael McShane, AEI Ideas

School choice advocates have been looking for a regulatory sweet spot for private school choice programs for years. Too much regulation, the story goes, will unnecessarily restrict the schools that participate, and too little will make the market a free-for-all that risks harming as many children as it helps.

Economic Stagnation & the Administrative State
Mario Loyola, National Review

It’s possible that one day American civilization will collapse under the weight of unnecessary rules, and the runaway regulatory state will come to some biblical end.