Blog author: jcarter
Friday, February 1, 2013

School Choice: Key to Improving Hispanic High School Graduation Rate
Israel Ortega, The Foundry

The problems with American education are especially pronounced among Hispanics: Latino students lag behind white peers in high school graduation rates across the country. Meanwhile, California’s Hispanic population will be the state’s largest ethnic group in 2013.

The Internet, Human Creativity, and Freedom
Taylor Barkley, Institute for Faith, Work & Economics

The value of a free and open internet is rarely disputed in Western countries, because its benefits are so apparent. The internet has lowered or eliminated barriers restricting access to knowledge, business, education, and many other aspects of society.

What can we learn from free Internet access at McDonald’s?
Mark J. Perry, AEI Ideas

Who does a better job of serving poor and low-income Americans and students by providing free, high-speed Internet access to those who can’t afford it at home – the government or the market?

Reforming Omelas: America’s Moral Debt Problem
Tyler Castle, Values & Capitalism

Generally, a modest amount of debt is not an issue; in fact, it can be a sign of growth. But our nation is now getting to the point where its ability to pay back interest on the debt, and at some point, the debt itself, is coming into question.