Blog author: jcarter
Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What We’ve Forgotten About Vocation
Jeff Haanen

Even though the concept of a divine calling is so pervasive in Scripture, today we have largely lost some of its key tenets. I think we’ve lost at least three things.

The Importance of Stan Musial’s Funeral Mass
Donald DeMarco, Crisis

Since we all spend most of our existence in eternity, the funeral Mass is of critical importance as a ritual whose purpose is to usher us into a blessed and eternal union with God. Musial’s funeral is a salutary event for everyone especially at a time when, in our increasingly secularized society, the importance of the afterlife is commonly de-emphasized.

Simple Justice: Kids Deserve School Choice
Richard W. Garnett, Public Discourse

Rather than cave to self-interested protests against school choice from teachers unions, we should do what we can to make Catholic schools a viable school option for low-income children.

A Christian baker refuses to make cake for same-sex wedding and now faces charges
Denny Burk

The Oregon Department of Justice is investigating a complaint against a Christian baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex wedding.