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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Comeback of Silent Cal
Michael Barone, National Review

Derided by New Dealers, Coolidge gets long-overdue respect in Shlaes’s biography.

Protestant scholar lauds Benedict’s ecumenical strides
Carl Bunderson, Catholic News Agency

Pope Benedict has been a leader devoted to ecumenical efforts, according to a professor of Christian history and ecumenism at Fuller Theological Seminary, a Protestant school in Pasadena, Calif.

Thomas Aquinas and John Paul II on Executive Pay
Greg Forster, First Things

[T]he increase in their abilities has been so dramatic that it was going to confront us with this question of long-term income inequalities regardless of the impact of other factors.

Why naive environmentalism is like religious fundamentalism
Mark J. Perry, AEI Ideas

The naive environmentalism of my daughter’s preschool is a force-fed potpourri of myth, superstition, and ritual that has much in common with the least reputable varieties of religious Fundamentalism.

  • The American history textbooks that I read growing up depicted Coolidge as a lazy president. I remember that specific word being used to describe him. But the truth is that Coolidge was smart enough to know that he wasn’t smart enough to run other people’s lives. If only his successors were as smart as him.