A man’s home is his castle, unless of course government officials need his property for a new strip mall or a hotel. Since June, when the U.S. Supreme Court dramatically expanded government’s eminent domain powers, some three dozen states have formulated measures to protect property owners from the Kelo v. New London ruling. Sam Gregg looks at the potential Kelo has to “violate basic norms of justice concerning property.”

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  • http://uis.blogspot.com Aakash

    Yes, the Kelo decision was horrible.

    This is the first I recall being at the Acton weblog…. I know that the Ashbrook Institute has had a blog for awhile; yours must have started relatively recently.

    Please keep up the good work that your organization has been doing.

  • http://forum.belmont.edu/cornwall/archives/003649.html The Entrepreneurial Mind

    The consequences of the Supreme Court’s Kelo decision are beginning to ripple across the country…

  • kisa mwakilasa

    question is that justice should not only be done but manifestly seen to be done.Discuss