Blog author: jcarter
Thursday, February 28, 2013

Five myths about picking a pope
Thomas J. Reese, Washington Post

Let’s look at some of the misconceptions about how the cardinals will select the latest successor to Saint Peter.

Against Calling on Government to Shape Souls
Greg Sisk, Mirror of Justice

[G]overnment knows no bounds and freedom is in grave jeopardy when the power of the State is unleashed in a crusade for the “betterment of men’s hearts.”

America’s Double Jeopardy: Surging Debt and Waning Economic Freedom
Anthony B. Kim, The Foundry

A new study on public debt presented at the recent University of Chicago Booth School of Business monetary policy forum in New York has highlighted “tipping point dynamics” that can occur to countries with high debt loads.

Five Reasons Why Christians Should Care About Economic Freedom
Anne Bradley, Institute for Faith, Work & Economics

Part of the disconnect between faith, work, and economics these audiences were experiencing stems from the fact that Christians don’t always view all truth as God’s truth.