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PowerLinks – 03.04.13

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The Moral Case for Capitalism: More than Utility
Jacqueline Otto, Values & Capitalism

If we focus too much on the utility of capitalism, we miss its beauty and elegance.

Becket Fund: HHS Makes a “Theological Judgment” with Mandate
Bart Gingerich, Juicy Ecumenism

Duncan explained why the mandate represents a “grave, unique, and unprecedented” threat to religious liberty.

Minimum Wage Increases Can’t End Poverty
Brittany Baldwin, Doublethink Online

Imagine this: A high-school student gets out of school and heads to her job at the local diner. All the while, her father has been working at the plant all day. Both make $9.00 an hour.

Businesses more likely to thrive with international trade, study shows
South Florida Business Journal

Small- and medium-sized enterprises are more likely to prosper in today’s economy if involved in international trade and cooperation, according to a study HIS Global Insight and DHL Express.

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