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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Natural Law, Public Policy, and the Uncanny Voice of Conscience: An Orthodox Response to David Bentley Hart
Dylan Pahman, Ethika Politika

That primarily conscience, in addition to reason, testifies to the dictates of the law of nature constitutes an essential presupposition of the natural law tradition.

New pope ‘to pledge to serve until death’
John Follain, The Sunday Times (UK)

Cardinals plan to ask the next pope to pledge in his inaugural address that he will serve until his death, unlike Benedict XVI, whose resignation, they believe, has destabilised the Catholic Church.

Reason, Revelation, and Laïcité Positive
Nathaniel Peters, Liberty Law Blog

In the public debates over religion, politics, and morality, isn’t there some rational standard that we all can agree on? Surely there must be a set of common foundations and core first principles from which we can reason together.

Little-known Facts about a Papal Conclave
Michael J. Miller, Catholic World Report

More or less well-informed opinion tends to crowd out a faith perspective. Here are a few little-known facts about a papal conclave that might help to restore it.