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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Church vs. Chavez Highlighted Power of a Faithful Fight Against Tyrants
Bridget Johnson, PJ Media

Venezuela’s clerics didn’t fear tangling with the ruler when moral principles and human rights were on the line.

Patriarch Kirill calls Chavez one of brightest contemporary political leaders

Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill offered his condolences on the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

The Party of Prison Reform
Eli Lehrer, The Weekly Standard

Around the country, dozens of political leaders with rock-solid conservative credentials have begun to take a new line on crime and, particularly, the issue of reintegrating ex-offenders into society. This loose movement represents a sea change in conservative thinking and, arguably, the largest social reform effort to emerge from the right in several decades.

In response to the viral ‘Wealth Inequality in America’ video
Mark J. Perry, AEI Ideas

A video titled “Wealth Inequality in America” has gone viral on the Internet, it’s up to almost four million views on YouTube.

  • Robert Over

    Prison reform…what a joke. I Know first hand this proud reentry program…all it is is another way of gaining federal sibsities for prisons which filter down to who? What needs reform is government!!! When an illegality allien can get work when an ex con can’t angers the stuff out of me..
    I love the logic also of decrimanalizing hard drugs…
    Ha ha make killing legal and you’ll see the stats of murder go down…real brain children huh.