Blog author: jcarter
Friday, March 22, 2013

What Principles Are Important for Human Flourishing?
Jay W. Richards, Institute for Faith, Work & Economics

Restoring the culture to the glory of God: it’s the reason we at IFWE are working to inspire Christians to live out a theology that integrates faith, work, and economics. If Christians do this, together we can bring about human flourishing.

The Material and Moral: What Marxism Misconstrues
Nicholas Freiling, Values & Capitalism

In short, Marx believed material deprivation is the source of social, political and intellectual conflict. Instead of viewing a strong moral consciousness as the source of economic prosperity, he blamed the lack of prosperity for moral decline.

Property from the Inside
Adam J. MacLeod, Public Disourse

While the state has a role to play in promoting the common good, left unchecked by constitutional strictures the regulatory state will crowd private property out of public life. Without private property, our nation would be impoverished not only materially but also morally.

Homeschooling and the Attack on Religious Freedom
Nathan Oppman, FRC Blog

This is not merely a question of the freedom to homeschool but a question of who determines what children are taught. In other words it is a question of religious freedom.