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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Poor, Economic Policy, and Christian Ethics
Shawn Ritenour, Economics for Everybody

Unfortunately much confusion has emerged over the past 100 years regarding how we are to fulfill God’s requirement to show charity to the needy. Much of the confusion stems from a change in the conventional definition of poverty.

Why We Need to Change the Way We Think About Giving
Teodora Zareva, Big Think

If we really want to be philanthropists, to be active participants in the “market of love”, the first thing we will have to give is not our money but our old mindsets.

Plato, John Locke, Calvin Coolidge
Review by David Wilezol, Washington Times

The predominant theme of “Why Coolidge Matters” is how Coolidge’s political thought embraced the spirit of the American founding.

Do Minimum Wage Laws Help Either the Poor or the Overall Economy?
R.C. Sproul Jr., Ligonier Ministries

Economics on the small scale matches economics on the large scale.