Blog author: jcarter
Friday, March 29, 2013

What the Resurrection Means for Our Work
Hugh Whelchel, Institute for Faith, Work & Economics

The resurrection and the coming Kingdom of God bear great implications for our faith and work. When we talk with biblical clarity about the resurrection, we discover an excellent foundation and purpose for our vocational work in this present world—not, as some suppose, for an escapist piety.

The Case for Prison Labor
Reihan Salam, National Review

In the new National Review, Stephanos Bibas, a professor at Penn Law School, argues that prison labor ought to be part of our efforts to reform the criminal justice system.

Generous Self-Interest
Luke Holladay, Values & Capitalism

We’ve developed a natural aversion to self-interest. An aversion so strong that our altruism is halted by the twisted question, “Do people give because it makes them feel good?” We think it may be better to forego generosity than risk satisfying our self-interest.

Excellence or Faithfulness?
Randy Alcorn, Eternal Perspectives

We have a confession to make—we’re sick and tired of hearing so much about the importance of excellence in all things.