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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Work Is the Best Way Out of Poverty, Most Americans Agree
Ashley Shelton, The Foundry

Most Americans believe “work is the best solution for poverty,” according to a recent Rasmussen Report. A full 80 percent of Americans agree with this statement (9 percent disagree and 11 percent are undecided).

Transform This
John Rottman, Comment

Could revival possibly come through the prison system?

The Unthinkable Reality of Human Trafficking and What You Can Do About It
Erin Straza, Christ and Pop Culture

“We may not see this sort of slavery in the open, but it is there, lurking in shadows and on the fringes of society, quietly engulfing its victims for an estimated $32 billion in profits worldwide annually.”

How Margaret Thatcher Brought Economic Freedom to Britain
Ira Stoll, Reason

Of all the possible ways to remember Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher — victorious cold warrior, pioneering woman politician, resolute American ally — the one that’s probably most relevant today is the way she transformed Britain’s domestic policy and economy.