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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why Study the Didache?
Tom O’Loughlin, Nottingham University

The earliest Christian community at work and in prayer. The first how-to manual for the Church.

Once Supporters, Baptists Now Shirk Earth Day
Aaron Weave, Ethics Daily

When Earth Day began in 1970, Baptists actively supported the need for greater regulations to protect the planet. Today, too many Baptists shirk that responsibility.

Easter on way for the Orthodox
Andrew Estocin, Albuquerque Journal

Most Americans identify Orthodox Christianity with an ethnic group such as Greeks or Russians. However, in New Mexico, Orthodox Christians are a diverse group that prays and worships in English.

Religious Freedom and the Modern Antidiscrimination Regime
Rick Plasterer, Juicy Ecumenism

Robust protections for religious freedom are needed in contemporary society, both from legislatures and from courts, to prevent religious freedom from being subordinated to other interests offended by religious belief and practice.

  • RogerMcKinney

    Baptists haven’t lost their concern for the environment. We just don’t want to be associated with pagan earth worship, a good description of environmentalism today. Baptists didn’t change; the environmental movement did.