Blog author: jcarter
Monday, May 6, 2013

Religious Education in Peril
Rick Plasterer, Juicy Ecumenism

It is not likely that public school attendance will be required of all children any time soon, but the government may effectively restrict or prohibit religious education.

A Pastor’s Fate Inside the Mullahs’ Archipelago
Raymond Ibrahim, FrontPageMag

In January, an American Christian was sentenced to an eight-year prison sentence on charges of “endangering national security” in Iran. 

Cronyism and the Free Market
Hugh Whelchel, Institute for Faith, Work & Economics

Cronyism occurs when an individual or organization colludes with government officials to get forced benefits they could not have otherwise obtained voluntarily.

What I Learned from Talking Economics with Libertarians
Julie Rubio, Catholic Moral Theology

Most of the other faculty participating in the event were far more sympathetic to libertarianism than are most Catholic theologians, including me. Conversation was sometimes challenging, but I am learning things from this dialogue that I don’t learn in my usual circles.