Blog author: jcarter
Thursday, May 16, 2013

Liberty Without Virtue: A Nation Without Its Heart
Tyler Castle, Values & Capitalism

Having witnessed the same act of kindness twice in only two or three days, my first thought was that people apparently have a very hard time holding on to their clothing accessories. But I also thought the acts of kindness were out of place in Brooklyn and D.C.—locations not known for their hospitality and civic virtue.

America Needs More Free-Range Kids
John Stossel, Reason

Grit made America great.

The Impact of School Vouchers on College Enrollment
Matthew M. Chingos and Paul E. Peterson, Education Next

Only 9 percent of the African American students in the control group attended a private four-year college. The offer of a voucher raised that proportion by 5 percentage points, an increase of 58 percent. That extraordinary increment may reflect the tight connections between private elementary and secondary schools and private institutions of higher education.

Life, Work, & The Ten Commandments
Art Lindsley, Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics

Let’s examine the Ten Commandments and then touch on their application to public life. This framework is important in order to make wise decisions in our work and in economics.