Blog author: jcarter
Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Religious Liberty May Be Threatened for U.S. Military
Andrew T. Walker, The Foundry

Recent events involving perceived restrictions on religious liberty within the Army, Air Force, and the Pentagon have many concerned about the military’s stance toward people of faith.

Do Charter Schools Work?
Ray Fisman, Slate

Yes, but not always and not for everyone.

The pope’s financial gospel and the Vatican bank
John Thavis

The financial gospel of Pope Francis has become a little clearer every day, and these words from his morning Mass today in the Vatican guest house underline his conviction that the church’s pastors need to be true pastors – not business managers, CEOs or investment strategists.

Seven Faith, Work, & Economics Books for Your Summer Reading List
Elise Amyx, Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics

We chose the books on this list because they present some aspect of work, business, and economics from a Christian perspective. They weave faith and culture together in though-provoking ways.