Blog author: jcarter
Thursday, June 13, 2013

Edward Snowden and Catholic Social Teaching
Patrick Clark, Catholic Moral Theology

I want to suggest that the recent revelation of the scope of our government’s surveillance practices and capacities should make it clear that there may be certain times in which the defense of the common good will bring Catholics into alignment with libertarians on particular issues. I believe now is one such time.

University of Chicago Removes Pews from Chapel to Accommodate Muslim Students
Susan Berry, Breitbart

Administrators of the University of Chicago (UC) have permanently removed pews from an 88-year old campus chapel in order to accommodate Muslim students.

Head of Russian church urges monks to shun Internet

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church has urged monks not to use cellphones to access the Internet in order to avoid temptation.

Colorado Teachers Now Paid for Performance, Not Years of Service
Brittany Corona, The Foundry

Douglas County, Colorado is once again leading the state in education reform by adopting a teacher compensation plan that has school districts across the nation talking.