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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Behind Evangelical Politics: Abraham Kuyper
Scot McKnight, Jesus Creed

It would as easy to exaggerate his influence as it is for some to ignore his influence, but at least a major voice behind all of evangelical political action . . . is the Dutch theologian, journalist, pastor, and politician Abraham Kuyper.

40 years later, time has not been kind to The Limits to Growth
Mark J. Perry, AEI Ideas

In 1972, the Club of Rome released the mother of all apocalyptic forecasts, The Limits to Growth, which provided alarming predictions that devastating collapse from overpopulation and resource depletion was just around the corner.

House Hearing on Religious Minorities in Syria
Mark Movsesian, First Things

Yesterday, the US House of Representatives held a joint subcommittee hearing on the situation of religious minorities in Syria, Religious Minorities in Syria: Caught in the Middle.

The Entrepreneur Next Door
Brian Baugus, Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics

Who is an entrepreneur? We often think of businessmen like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates as entrepreneurs, but is it possible there might be an entrepreneur living next door?