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PowerLinks 07.16.13

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How early childhood intervention can help poor kids in developing nations
James Pethokoukis, AEI Ideas

These findings show that simple psychosocial stimulation in very early childhood in disadvantaged settings can have a substantial effect on labor market outcomes.

Internet freedom called vital facet of global religious freedom
Tom Strode, Baptist Press

Internet freedom is vital to religious freedom, and the United States should make greater efforts to breach the firewalls of repressive regimes, in the view of Baptist public policy specialist Barrett Duke.

No One Trusts the Government—and That’s Bad News for Libertarians
Nick Gillespie, The Daily Beast

What if distrust in government perversely drives demand for more government?

How the Gates Foundation Shapes State Higher-Education Policy
Katherine Mangan, Chronicle of Higher Education

Over the past several years, lawmakers in dozens of states have passed laws restricting remedial college courses and tying appropriations to graduation rates. The changes have been advanced by an unusual alliance of private foundations and state policy makers who are shaping higher-education strategies in profound ways.

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