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PowerLinks 07.31.13

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Do Christians Need to Be Better Economic Stewards?
Joy Pullmann, Values & Capitalism

“How can we help our neighbors?” If we are to take the parable of the talents seriously (and I don’t think it applies just to wealth), responsible Christians will look to multiply what we have, because careful stewardship pleases God and so we can give to others.

Why You & Your Kids Need to Understand Economics: Government Spending
Thomas Purifoy, Compass Classroom

Here’s an obvious question: why do all those state governments want an additional 50 billion dollars from you and me? We both know the answer: so they can spend it.

What is Social Justice? From John Paul II to Benedict XVI
J.J. Ziegler, Catholic World Report

“Two crucial and intimately related areas of pastoral life [are] the family and the promotion of social justice,” he said. “Indeed, the defense and promotion of the family, the heart of every society, is a preeminent task facing all those committed to the pursuit of social well-being and justice.”

The Best Way to Help the Poor
Anne Bradley, Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics

Scripture is clear that not only are we called to care for the poor, but we will be judged on whether we did. How do we best carry out this call?

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