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PowerLinks 08.07.13

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At Christian Companies, Religious Principles Complement Business Practices
Mark Oppenheimer, New York Times,

“Are people able to live out their own agency by making a contribution in the workplace?” is, according to Mr. Hicks, a question Christians should ask. Do employees have meaningful work, or just repetitive, low-paid, mind-numbing work?

How the Gospel Affects Our Work
Matt Heerema, Stonebrook Church

Could it be that our work at writing code, processing insurance claims, changing diapers, building houses, growing crops, or studying differential equations matter to God?

Trade and Cheez-Its: How to Teach Economics to Your Toddler
Wesley Gant, Values & Capitalism

Economics can be a dry subject. Finding a way to illustrate its principles in a way that is informative and fun is like figuring out a difficult magic trick: Once we figure out the trick, we want to show everyone.

Does Religion Matter?
Donald Devine, American Conservative Union

We would argue that America’s historic religion transmitted from Europe has been critical to the West’s spectacular rise as reported in the second table above and to its maintenance over a long period of time as demonstrated in the first for the same reason.

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