Blog author: jcarter
Friday, August 23, 2013

If $15/Hour Minimum Wage Is Good, Why Not $200?
Investor’s Business Daily

Fast-food workers are planning a one-day strike on Aug. 29 to demand an increase in wages from the $7.25 minimum to $15 an hour. But if $15 an hour is so great, why not ask for $100 or $200 an hour instead?

Don’t Just Stand There—Say Something
Albert Mohler

Within the message, I explain the origin and urgency of the title. It is indeed a sin to remain silent in a time of trouble.

Fracking and the cult of Green Gnosticism
Brother Ivo, Cranmer

For many decades we have lived with a succession of failed predictions by the Doom Sayers of the environmental movement.

The Islamic case for religious liberty: Re-reading the Qur’an
Abdullah Saeed, ABC Religion and Ethics

If Muslims are to embrace modernity, including life in a pluralistic, democratic society, without abandoning their faith, they must take up the argument for religious liberty that is embedded in their history and that stands at the centre of their most sacred texts.