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Audio: Tea Party Catholic Hits the Airwaves in Louisiana

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Acton’s Director of Research Samuel Gregg has been making the rounds on our nations airwaves over the last week promoting his excellent new book, Tea Party Catholic. Today, he joined host Jeff Crouere on Metaire, Louisiana’s WGSO 990 AM. You can listen to the interview via the audio player below:

Tea Party Catholic

Tea Party Catholic

In Tea Party Catholic, Samuel Gregg draws upon Catholic teaching, natural law theory, and the thought of the only Catholic Signer of America's Declaration of Independence, Charles Carroll of Carrollton—the first “Tea Party Catholic”—to develop a Catholic case for the values and institutions associated with the free economy, limited government, and America's experiment in ordered liberty. Beginning with the nature of freedom and human flourishing, Gregg underscores the moral and economic benefits of business and markets as well as the welfare state's problems. Gregg then addresses several related issues that divide Catholics in America. These include the demands of social justice, the role of unions, immigration, poverty, and the relationship between secularism and big government.

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Marc Vander Maas


  • KevinKillion

    “Tea Party Catholics” — yes, this is exactly what is needed in the Church! Now, what can Acton do to help us organize Acton or a TPC presences on the parish level, to balance the unchallenged politics of all of the diocesan and parish “Peace and Justice” committees?

    • Elise Hilton

      Why not suggest a reading group at your parish with “Tea Party Catholic” as the first book choice, and then go from there? Acton has plenty of materials to help with such an endeavor.