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Friday, October 4, 2013

The American Family
Values & Capitalism

Over the past half-century, the structure of the American family has changed remarkably. What exactly has happened? Why did it happen?

Christ-like capitalism? God, mammon and the Church of England
David Baker, Christian Today

Under the leadership of the Archbishop of Canterbury, it looks as though the Church of England is attempting to give capitalism the opportunity to develop a new appearance – even a Christ-like face.

Are Economists Basically Immoral?
Brian Baugus, Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics

While it is safe to conclude that economists, as humans, are no more flawed, sinful, and immoral than anyone else, some have asserted that one must be immoral to be successful in a market economy because such a system encourages greed and other vices.

Higher Education, Social Capital, and the Path to a Better Life
Dylan Pahman, Public Discourse

Higher education is not a guarantee for success. Young people need not only a high quality education and strong economic opportunities, but also the integral social bonds that come from a society that defends freedom of religion and association, as well as healthy marriages.