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‘Tea Party Catholic’ Now Available as an eBook

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TeaPartyCatholicSamuel Gregg’s latest, Tea Party Catholic, is now available for the Kindle. You can buy this version through Amazon, or if you prefer the paper version, visit

Robert P George, professor of jurisprudence at Princeton University says, “The book is as carefully and, indeed, rigorously argued as it is provocatively titled. It is a great resource for anyone—Catholic or not—who wants to know what the Church really teaches about the moral requirements of the socio-economic and political orders.”

If you haven’t already, take the Tea Party Catholic Quiz to see if you’re a tea party catholic.

Sarah Stanley


  • SCSoxFan

    How about an epub version? Not all of us use Kindles. I have a Nook and would love to be able to get a copy.

  • Will Conquer (MEP)

    Great article Sir. Some great points there, yet, one essential reading key is missed: as explained by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI in his famous 2005, in doubt, always presume continuity. In light of these hermeneutics, there is no reason fore so much fear. Instead, one could emphasize:

    – the call for joy (well done), joy as evangelizing in itself (in fact, there should be more joy than criticism in commenting this exhoration)

    – the defense of the entrepreneurship before anything else as a “noble call” with a “greater purpose in life” (§.203) (not mentioned in this article)

    – the universal call to engage in politics, before adressing politicians per se, as we are all reponsible of the common good, always going back to the Greek etymology of “economy” (§.206)

    – the traditional reference to the four principles (Compendium of the Social Doctrine, n. 161.)