1. fifa world cupThe Fédération Internationale de Football Association is holding the World Cup in Brazil, June 2014.
    2. Six men have been arrested for fixing Premier League soccer matches.
    3. Earlier this month, two British men were arrested for fixing Australian soccer matches.
    4. Retired English striker Alan Shearer is calling for “zero tolerance” for fixing of soccer matches.

  1. Marcus Gayle, a former striker for Wimbledon, told BBC London regarding the fixing scandal: “I was disgusted that it is still around in the game.”
  2. The Minas Gerais state Association of Prostitutes, in Brazil, is offering free English lessons to prostitutes in order to prepare for the World Cup.
  3. In 2010, South Africa saw a spike in human trafficking surrounding the World Cup.
  4. Human traffickers see the World Cup as a “once in a lifetime” chance to “cash in.”
  5. Brazil has 16 locations around the country meant to combat human trafficking, but they focus mainly on public awareness, not on victim assistance.
  6. To date, FIFA has not taken human trafficking into consideration when choosing a country to host the World Cup, nor does it have a formal plan to combat trafficking surrounding the World Cup.

If you get caught cheating, there is disgust and disdain in the soccer world. If you’re a human trafficker, soccer is big business, victimizing children…and the world soccer community looks the other way.


  • Cecilia Roders

    A good reason NOT to support soccer or the FIFA.

    • http://www.acton.org/ Elise Hilton

      I have no problem supporting a sport. Sports are good: they provide exercise and other positives for participants, and wholesome entertainment for many. But we must recognize that there is an evil that plays off of large events such as the World Cup and the Super Bowl. It is not the sport per se that is evil, but turning a blind eye to an evil that clings to the underbelly of the sport is problematic.

  • T. Williams

    You forgot something really important that could make your point stronger and more valid:

    While there’s not actually a lot of evidence (but a lot of confusion) around sex trafficking (which is different from prostitution) at sporting events: (see: http://www.gaatw.org/publications/WhatstheCostofaRumour.11.15.2011.pdf), there IS a documented issue of labor trafficking. Migrant construction workers from Nepal, etc. are trafficked into construction work for these events (see: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/sep/25/revealed-qatars-world-cup-slaves)

    So, if people are really concerned about an uptick in human trafficking around sporting events, it seems that there’s more to look into than just sex.

  • Rob Riedlinger

    The Catholic Church in Southern Africa worked hard on highlighting the evil of human trafficking in 2010 when we hosted the world cup. But this is still a massive problem. When you know about it …you will notice the change in your city…..we really need to work harder at this. http://endhumantrafficking.co.za/about-ctip/