Blog author: kschmiesing
Wednesday, December 28, 2005

More evidence surfaces of the necessity of using discretion when giving charitably. Not too many readers of this blog will be surprised that the United Nations is not the most efficient entity in the world. It seems that overhead gobbled up a third of the funds the U.N. raised for tsunami relief last year.

But private charities aren’t immune to problems. Fifty people have been indicted in a scandal at the Red Cross. Employees were directing Katrina-victim funds to “needy” friends and family.

Maybe there’s a lesson here about giving to smaller, less bureaucratic organizations. Definitely there’s proof that lack of personal integrity is a problem that extends beyond the world of for-profit business. And definitely there’s affirmation of the need to give wisely.

  • The Acton Institute blog points out that secular charities, big and small, are not using donated funds well. They point out that overhead took up to a third of all the money raised by the UN last year for tsunami relief. And 50 Red Cross employees have been indicted for diverting Katrina relief funds to friends and family. Rather than give to such agencies, I will continue to direct my charitable giving to Catholic aid agencies and religious orders that have a track record of making the most of what…