Blog author: jcarter
Monday, January 20, 2014

Obama mocks Catholic nuns for resisting Obamacare contraception mandate
Andrew P. Napolitano, Washington Times

Generally, for almost 230 years, the federal government left us alone to choose freely our religious practices and to worship as we believe. Until now. Today, the free exercise of religion is under attack by the government.

To Combat Inequality, We Need Solidarity
David Lapp, Family Studies

What can a typical person do about poverty and inequality? Striving for solidarity is one starting point.

The World’s War on Christianity
Robert J. Morgan, Huffington Post

In his new book, The Global War on Christians, John L. Allen, Jr., senior Vatican correspondent for the National Catholic Report, called the massive worldwide wave of anti-Christian violence “the most dramatic religion story of the early 21st century.”

The Morality of the National Debt
Jay W. Richards, Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics

Here are three key questions I’ve encountered in thinking and discussing this important issue, and that I asked yesterday as part of my analysis.