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Acton Podcast Updated for iTunes

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For those of you who enjoy listening to podcasts, Acton has updated its own podcast to be more iTunes friendly. We’ve added an iTunes graphic to the feed, updated our description tags, and categorized it on the iTunes music store. For those interested in checking it out, please follow this link to the iTunes Music Store (iTunes is required).

Jonathan Spalink


  • Kishore Jayabalan, Director of Acton’s Rome office, appeared this afternoon on Relevant Radio as a guest on The Right Questions. He spoke with host Sheila Liaugminas about the issue of abortion and the European Union Constitution, and also discusse

  • I love your feeds. I am only disappointed that I am not able to get them as MP3’s, but only off of I-tunes. Maybe I am doing something wrong. I had a feed which picked up a speech from the former president of Spain (STELLAR) and one by Fr. Sirico telling the story of his involvement with the Acton Inst.

    I loved it! I would love to continue to listen, but I use an mp3 player, and my wife has the iPod.