Atlas-Rockefeller-Center-300x199The impression that atheism or materialism is an accomplished host for libertarian values is mistaken, says Jay Richards. “Libertarians may be surprised to learn that these core values—if not the entire repertoire of libertarian ideas—makes far more sense in a theistic milieu.”

Richards examines four areas that are lost by embracing an atheistic, materialistic worldview:

  • No Individual Rights
  • No Freedom or Responsibility
  • No Reliable Reason
  • No Moral Truth

Richards makes clear that his argument does not claim that either libertarian values or theism is true, or that theists must be libertarians. “My argument is more modest,” concludes Richards, “if one affirms the libertarian values described above, then one’s coherent philosophical home is theism, not atheism.”

Read his argument for “Why Libertarians Need God” at the Imaginative Conservative.

Religion: Foundation of the Free Society

Religion: Foundation of the Free Society

A convincing argument linking religious roots to economic law by examining individuals in society and their role in establishing economic freedom.

  • Marc Vander Maas

    Or, if you’re a visual type, you can watch him make the presentation right here.

  • Randy Wanat

    What a foolish idea. Goodness can necessarily only occur in concert with a belief in magical invisible wizards. It’s frightening that such people’s votes are equal to everyone else’s.