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Is Islam in America on the Rise?

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The United States is often perceived as a land of religious freedom and pluralism. Has such a space allowed for the growth of a new generation of young Muslim leaders, activists, and artists? According to a recent article in TIME magazine, the rising prosperity and integration of Muslims in America is allowing for new Muslim leaders to emerge in the American public sphere.

Because the United States is faring far better with Muslim cultural and societal integration than Europe, a new platform is opening up for redefining Islam in the West. While the American Muslim community is also navigating their place in a shifting American demographic and religious landscape, intra-Islamic conversations continue over the identity and practice of American Islam. With the advent and growth of Islamic religious scholarship in the United States, the country is also becoming home to continuing creative conversations about Islamic identity and practice.

There is no doubt that an element of economic freedom has allowed the Muslim community in the United States to expand, flourish, and succeed. The link between religious and economic freedom will be considered more fully at an upcoming Acton conference in Rome,  “Faith, State, and the Economy: Perspectives From East and West.”

The conference will take place on April 29 in Rome and is the first in a series called “One and Indivisible? The Relationship between Religious and Economic Freedom.” For more information visit the conference series webpage.

Additionally, please consider registering for Acton University 2014 for lectures on Islam by Mustafa Akyol, a columnist for the Turkish Daily News.

Peter Dziedzic


  • exoticdoc2

    Apparently “faring better” than Europe means allowing this hateful, violent religion to grow within out borders. Freedom of religion is all well and good, but it does NOT extend to religions whose very tenets expound the murder or at least subjugation of unbelievers. For years the terrorists have been making the claim that they are the true followers of Islam. The scary part is, they’re right. While there can be peaceful muslims out there, they are peaceful in spite of their religion, not because of it, as the very tenets of Islam promote violence, both the Qur’an and the Hadith. Islam should be excluded from every nation not under its enslavement already.

    • namdam1992

      If we look at religionas through its follower, we’ll never find a peaceful one. Terrorists are terrorists, period.