Blog author: jcarter
Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Netanyahu/Pope Francis Spat Over Jesus That Wasn’t
Yair Rosenberg, Tablet

Yesterday, the press reported a sparring match between Pope Francis and Benjamin Netanyahu that never really transpired. To judge by media reports, the Israeli Prime Minister had a testy exchange with the Supreme Pontiff over whether or not Jesus spoke Hebrew.

Seven Reasons Why Religious Freedom is Good for Business
Brian Grim, Canon & Culture

Given that religious freedom contributes to better economic and business outcomes, advances in religious freedom are in the self-interest of businesses, governments and societies.

The Real John Locke — And Why He Matters
Donald Devine, The Federalist

Four decades ago, I argued that one could not understand Locke unless he viewed him as a Christian even in the face of most existing scholarship.

The Tricky Politics of Fighting Crony Capitalism
Jonathan Coppage, The American Conservative

So what is crony capitalism, politically speaking? Is it a welcome restorative for a party pegged as being in the pockets of big business? Or a worthy policy initiative albeit with little public resonance?