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Monday, August 4, 2014

4 Steps to End Poverty
Chuck Bentley, Real Clear Religion

Having spent more than twelve years invested in the eradication of poverty, I’ve witnessed many of the solutions that churches, ministries, non-government organizations (NGOs), governments, businesses and generous individuals have deployed.

The Government Should Stop Discriminating Against Religious Adoption Agencies
Sarah Torre and Ryan Anderson, The Daily Signal

Every year about 400,000 children spend time in our nation’s foster care system, with roughly 100,000 eligible for adoption, as we point out in our recent Backgrounder. Many bounce from home to home and are never adopted. Many will “age-out” of foster care, facing increased risk for low academic achievement and poverty.

When Poverty Is The Fault Of The Poor
Rod Dreher, The American Conservative

Why is it so shameful to forcefully preach that message to the poor? Why must everyone who did pursue that route be viewed with suspicion? Why is it wrong to point out that failure to diligently work can come at great cost and may indeed be utter foolishness.

Restoring Religious Liberty, Reviving Political Liberty
James Stoner, Library of Law and Liberty

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine in Religious Studies returned from a conference at a major law school with this report: “Not all, but the majority of presenters agreed that Christians should be marginalized and have their freedom of speech and religion severely restricted because of how hateful their beliefs about sin are and the dignitary harm these beliefs cause others. Am I just young and naive and in reality nothing will come of this, or is it a truly scary reality that leading law professors are saying this?”