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Video: Sirico Discusses Multiculturalism on Cavuto

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Acton Institute President Rev. Robert A. Sirico made an appearance on Thursday afternoon on Fox News Channel’s Your World with Neal Cavuto. Recently, Cavuto has been addressing the topic of multiculturalism in recent shows, featuring guests like Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party in Great Britian, and Alveda King, niece of  Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., both of whom share deep concerns about the impact of multicultural philosophy and policy on our cultural cohesion.

Yesterday, Neil Cavuto asked whether or not our embrace of multiculturalism and our seeming abandonment of our Judeo-Christian cultural roots is contributing to problems such as the increasing number of American and British citizens who join extremist groups like ISIS. You can see his response in the video player below.

Marc Vander Maas


  • Bridgeport Guy

    Fr. Sirico, please have some consideration before using the obsolete term “Judeo-Christian”. There is very little that the Church teaches in regard to major moral issues that our Jewish brothers agree with. Jews often refer to their Talmud to justify their overwhelming support for abortion. Read Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s writings about how he and many of his fellow Jews were very influential in swaying public opinion in favor of abortion and in helping to pressure the government in the days leading up to Roe vs Wade. Thankfully, Nathanson’s repented and was later baptized a Catholic before he died. You have Jews figuring very disproportionately in the same way in promoting abortion in other countries as well (e.g. Morgentaler in Canada, Simone Veil in France). You have Israel at the forefront of embryonic stem cell research. Here in Chicago, a Jewish divorce attorney told me there was a time when there was a single non-Jewish firm handling the very few Gentile divorce cases in the city, while there were many Jewish -owned law firms handling divorces, thus bringing it into the mainstream. You had the valiant bishops of the 1930’s battling Jewish production company execs from Hollywood to keep smut off the big screen. They formed the Legion of Decency and were largely successful in keeping Hollywood in check until the mid 60’s when Jewish filmmakers made “The Pawn Broker” about a holocaust survivor in which they managed to slip in the first bare breasts in film history. The Legion condemned it but lost a lot of support for being perceived as anti-Semitic. The Legion saw through the attempt to sneak smut into films by doing so in an important historic movie. They had no choice but to give it a thinb’s down because they knew it was just the opportunity the mostly Jewish filmmakers needed to turn things upside-down. And they sure did, as the so-called Golden Age of Porn would erupt shortly after. There is so much more that could be written about, but the bottom line is, Judeo-Christian is a term that means next to nothing. Thank you for your consideration.

  • chrisinva

    It isn’t just young men, Father. Bill Clinton had lost all moral sense, so he too found an absolute – in his case, an absolute evil: Smoking.

    Of course, one could persuasively observe that Clinton is a perpetual adolescent. Fair enough.

    Men will seek a moral yardstick if they aren’t given one. Look at foreign policy. As Americans become more scattered, disunited, and isolated, we’ve been presented with one new Hitler after another. Rational discussion is avoided as power alone fills the vacuum.

    Robert Nisbet pointed out years ago that, as legitimate authority evaporates, power fills the vacuum. The American character described by Tocqueville, with its roots in Christendom and 1000 years of English law, custom, and tradition, had an authoritative sway over the country that united us and made us desire to be self-reliant, charitable, productive, and humble.

    Today those qualities have been denied, and replaced by dependency, selfishness (cured by “government charity”), lethargy, and pride.