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Who Is Advising Pope Francis on Global Warming?

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acton-commentary-blogimageThe release of Pope Francis’ environmental encyclical raises questions about who has been advising him on global warming, says Catherine Snow in this week’s Acton Commentary, especially since some of the advisers are decidedly on the wrong side of Catholic teaching.

Let’s begin with economist Jeffrey Sachs, a prominent supporter of abortion and population control, who was invited to speak at a conference on climate change at the Vatican. And does it bother anyone else, for instance, that Pope Francis – or the curial officials advising him – have chosen as his only lay advisor on the subject of climate change Hans Joachim Schellnhuber? And exactly why is the Vatican itching to tackle climate change in the first place?

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Joe Carter Joe Carter is a Senior Editor at the Acton Institute. Joe also serves as an editor at the The Gospel Coalition, a communications specialist for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, and as an adjunct professor of journalism at Patrick Henry College. He is the editor of the NIV Lifehacks Bible and co-author of How to Argue like Jesus: Learning Persuasion from History's Greatest Communicator (Crossway).


  • mikehaseler

    Just had a heated argument on some forum with a really nasty alarmist who didn’t care at all about the 1million extra winter deaths in the UK.

    And the point I feel has to be made, is that disproportionately it is the old and poor in fuel poverty who pay most for these “birdmincers”. So, it’s all well and good for rich middle class people in cities to wring their hands – but in the end it’s the poor who end up paying.

    And having worked in the wind business – I can tell you the people who get all this money and run these wind lobby companies are very rich indeed – or they are oil companies.

    It really is “welfare to the rich” – and it’s sickening that someone like the Pope who seems to genuinely have the interests of the poor in mind has gone along with what I can only describe as a scam. (After 18 years without warming – we know the academic claims of doomsday warming are wrong).

  • ‘planet’ my foot:

    anybody ‘thinking’ they ‘LIVE’ on a spinning ball, when one cannot even STAND on one (circus and acrobats call it “ball-WALK” for a reason!), and at a supposed rotation

    of 1,613 FEET PER SECOND

    is insane- yet they call themselves ‘scientists’ and ‘geniuses [genii=ghosts in bottles (with very large corks, apparently)]’ anyway;

    trying to tell me that ‘light supposedly falls on said SPINNING ball GRADUALLY (from a stationary sun!!) in vertical STRIPES’, called ‘time zones’, when light really falls on balls (of ANY SIZE) in SPOTS!, etc pp up the wazoo…

    friends: ‘scientists’, saltwater drops trying to ‘measure’ and ‘dissect’ the IMMEASURABLE ocean from their little boat’s-view with a bucket, about to seep into the beach sand declaring the nearby ocean ‘nonexistent’ — COME TO YOUR SENSES!

  • Climate-change theorist named to Pontifical Academy of Sciences
    Hans Joachim Schnellnhuber [sic], a German physicist and prominent voice on climate change, has been named by Pope Francis as a member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

    Schellnhuber Rejected! Why The German Government Is Moving To Overhaul Its Climate Advisory Board
    The approaching demise of the Schellnhuber and the current WBGU may have been in the works for a long time. The advisory council seemed to meander off from reality, and advocated naive plans that made no economic or scientific sense.

  • Breath of Fresh Science

    “…satellite data confirms there has been no notable warming for the past
    18 years. Sea ice is on the rise. Crop production is increasing.
    Hurricane numbers are down. Sea level rise has declined for the past

    Global warming has continued to increase over the past 18 years. It’s a distortion of the truth to say otherwise.

    Arctic Sea ice is near record lows. From the Arctic Sea Ice Center:
    “Arctic sea ice extent for June 2015 was the third lowest in the satellite record.”

    Models using historical accounts (1980-2010) of crop production show that climate change is reducing the production of crops such as wheat and maize relative to what production could be.
    Only increases in crop technology are managing to increase crop production. Without increases in crop technology many crops would have declined during the period of study.

    Sea level rise continues at an accelerating rate. Here’s the latest (2013) report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change:

    • The Jackster

      Read up on the Earth’s Troposphere and its unchanged temperature reading which must show an increase if climate change were to be caused by anything other than natural Earthly cycles. This is the irrefutable proof that man made climate change is a hoax, or at best, false.

    • GaryLockhart

      Referencing the notorious book cooking frauds at NASA, NOAA, NCAR, the IPCC, et al, is indicative of how weak your “assertions” are.

  • Denise


  • Truth in your face

    Since when does a pastor become political pundit? Pope Francis needs to be more concerned with the saving of souls then the false narrative of global warming.

    • Geoff Shell

      Please do your homework. This pope is all about saving souls. Remember that this is his second encyclical. The first one, Evangelii Gaudium, talks about nothing else. To make an implied claim as you do here that he is not concerned about that topic is both misleading and disingenuous.

      • GaryLockhart


  • Robert Udmark

    Greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark.
    I have been asked by my good pastor to write a small review of Laudato Si’ for our parish newsletter, but I will probably just give a Danish translation of bishop Robert Barron’s review which can be found elsewhere on the internet, and wherefrom I arrived hereto. First there were many mass extinctions and many, many, many small extinctions in Earth’s prehistory which was creation. But now biological species go extinct because of the rise of us humans since dawn of our history. Yes of course global warming is a fact and is manmade by carbon dioxide emissions, and sea levels will rise, and climate zones will shift, and migrations of poor people will therefore increase. I think, clever nations seek peace, privacy, prayer, and prosperity by self criticism or let us even say by open hearts. We must never fool ourselves into self hatred and self destruction because self destruction is exactly what nobody deserves. As an intellectual who wrote my B.Sc. thesis on experimental nuclear physics at Danish laboratory Risoe, I would like to recommend nuclear energy. The three worst nuclear power plant accidents were Chernobyl which costed thousands of lifes, Fukushima which costed one life, and Three Mile Island which costed no lifes. Also the Chernobyl accident was entirely due to human error because the operators had turned off (!) the automatic control systems for sake of an experiment which probably went out of human control within less than a millisecond. But as a nuclear power plant built by fine scientists Chernobyl was all right, and in my humble opinion it was another human error when the remaining three reactors were eventually taken out of service by Ukraine in political return for E.U. financial credits which neither can afford. We know from history that politics which conserve national memory and identity and give poor people liberty are not easy for nations to practice. Let still poor nations have fossil fuels as their heritage, let well educated nations go on with exploitation of wind, hydro, wave, geothermal, and solar energy, and why not build just a few nuclear power plants near our big cities (build small penthouse flats for theology students on top of them). The next natural ressource crisis will not be global energy shortage, but local agricultural crisises due to fresh water shortages, which must also be overcome by the usual provisional methods of people involved. Capitalism is probably the only way to distribute wealth in “big cities” by way of passives (bonds, stocks, mortgages) issued by “society” to the banks in return for the passive: money issued by the banks to “people”. But despite socalled globalization Earth is not yet one big city, and people have private lifes. Let good Pope Francis worry on behalf of our creator if it is his pastoral duty in our era of biological mass extinction as well as unbelief for it is not a new era. Without human dignity we are all dead, but –
    “I bless the future.”
    (Johannes von Euch, 1834-1922)

  • Robert Udmark

    “…within less than a millisecond.”
    should read
    “…within less than a second.”