Blog author: jcarter
Monday, January 11, 2016

Free and fair elections attract investment, no matter who’s elected. Here’s why.
Mike Touchton, Washington Post

If developing countries want to be prosperous and attract international investment, they should hold free and fair elections. That’s the takeaway from my analysis of data on elections and net investment flows in 157 countries between 1990 and 2013, which I presented in a recent paper in International Interactions.

The Solution to Income Inequality is to Empower People
Jeffrey Carter, Points and Figures

Income inequality is on the minds of journalists and political candidates. It’s on the lips of people who worry about social justice. I think income inequality is a symptom and solving for it won’t change anything. There are deeper problems that we can attack as a society which will do a lot for the symptom.

Bill aims to replace Indiana’s religious objections law
Associated Press

Indiana lawmakers will consider a proposal that would throw out the state’s contentious religious objections law and replace it with a statute its sponsor says aims to protect six fundamental rights.

Conservatives should keep talking about poverty – and not stop
Amanda Munoz, Hot Air

Today in Charleston, South Carolina, several high-profile players in the Republican Party gathered for the Expanding Opportunity Forum hosted by the Jack Kemp Foundation. The goal was to discuss “ideas for fighting poverty and expanding opportunity in America” – a topic rarely mentioned, let alone proactively championed, by the GOP on a national stage.