Blog author: jcarter
Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Free enterprise and the burgeoning coalition against poverty
Arthur C. Brooks, AEI

If you had proposed four years ago that 2016 would bring a presidential forum dedicated to the issue of poverty and featuring the conservative candidates, few would have been quick to believe you. Let’s face it: When most people think of the free enterprise movement today, they don’t immediately think of a laser-like focus on fighting poverty and lifting up vulnerable people.

What Do the Oregon Standoff, Third World Poverty and the Ukrainian Famine Have in Common?
John Zmirak, The Stream

They’re results of elite contempt for ordinary people’s property rights.

More Candidates Should Come Out against Cronyism on the Campaign Trail
Veronique De Rugy, The Corner

The bottom line is that I wish more candidates were consistent and willing to oppose cronyism even when campaigning in Iowa or Florida. It would be a powerful signal that business as usual is indeed over.

Five places where Pope Francis’ political lightning might strike next
John L. Allen Jr., Crux

What we’re looking for are places where the stars seem aligned in such a way that a nudge from Francis, at the right moment, could mean the difference between real change and a return to the status quo.