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PowerLinks 03.04.16

Senate Energy Bill Will Only Increase Government Cronyism
Nicolas Loris, The Daily Signal

Do we need a national energy plan? Many politicians think so. In fact, the Senate is considering a massive new energy bill that’s more than 400 pages long.

Pope to Church benefactors: We don’t need your blood money
Associated Press

ope Francis has a message for Church benefactors: The Church doesn’t want your money if it comes from exploited workers.

How the Church Helps Black Men Flourish in America
W. Bradford Wilcox and Nicholas H. Wolfinger, The Atlantic

The structure it provides, along with the values it instills, strengthens employment prospects, family life, and more.

Does Donald Trump know the difference between crony capitalism and competitive capitalism?
James Pethokoukis, AEI

This really gets at a big problem with Trumpism and its focus on high-level deal-making. When President Trump, Congress, and big business are negotiating about some tax or spending issue, who’s left out? The future.