Blog author: jcarter
Monday, March 7, 2016

Teddy Roosevelt Still Hurts Farmers Today, Property Rights Advocate Says
Kevin Mooney, The Daily Signal

American farmers haven’t had the benefit of operating under a free market system since the early 20th century, property rights advocate Joel Salatin says.

Religious Liberty in America: The Next Chapter
Michael Needham, The American Interest

Unilateral disarmament in the culture wars is impossible when the left is on offense.

Senate Dems offer rival bill on GMO food labels
Lydia Wheeler, The Hill

Senate Democrats are pushing a rival bill on labeling for genetically modified foods.

Will the New SAT Better Serve Poor Students?
Mikhail Zinshteyn, The Atlantic

The exam has been decried as out of touch and unfair. Now, the College Board is fighting back.