Blog author: jcarter
Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Where Children Rarely Escape Poverty
Emily Deruy and Janie Boschma , The Atlantic

Charlotte, North Carolina, ranks low on upward mobility, but the city is trying to make the American Dream more accessible.

What Many Small Businesses Call Their Biggest Challenge
Patrick Tyrrell, The Daily Signal

The 2015 Small Business Credit Survey Report on Employer Firms, released March 3 by seven Federal Reserve Banks, contains disturbing news.

Minimum Wage, Maximum Automation
Adam C. Smith and Stewart Dompe, FEE

Hardee’s customers won’t have to deal with Hardee’s human employees much longer. The fast food franchise is experimenting with self-service kiosks at several of their restaurants, claiming, “The self-ordering kiosk gives the customer a fun, interactive and user-friendly way to control their order.”

Trade with China Reduced Domestic Inequality
David Henderson, EconLog

Broda and Romalis show that the prices of the items in the market basket that low-income families buy have increased less than the prices of the items in the basket that high-income families buy.