Blog author: jcarter
Friday, March 11, 2016

Americans Name Economy, Government as Top Problems
Jeffrey M. Jones, Gallup

The economy and dissatisfaction with the government, two issues regularly at the top of Gallup’s monthly most important problem list, rank as Americans’ top issues in March. Mentions of unemployment are in the double digits for a second consecutive month after hitting a seven-year low in January.

Free Trade Loses Political Favor
Bob Davis, Wall Street Journal

Republican backing fades as voters voice surprising skepticism; Pacific pact seen at risk.

The Role of Culture in Declining Marriage Rates
W. Bradford Wilcox, Nicholas H. Wolfinger, and Charles E. Stokes, Family Studies

Neither economic changes nor public policy can wholly explain the retreat from marriage.

Public Predictions for the Future of Workforce Automation
Aaron Smith, Pew Research

A majority of Americans predict that within 50 years, robots and computers will do much of the work currently done by humans – but few workers expect their own jobs or professions to experience substantial impacts