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The Morality of Banking in It’s a Wonderful Life
Bourree Lam and Gillian B. White, The Atlantic

In addition to its holiday cheesiness and religious moralizing, the 1946 classic touches on financial themes that remain painfully relevant.

The good news and bad news about homelessness in America in 2016
Tim Fernholz, Quartz

Homelessness in the US has dropped 15% since 2007, with 97,000 fewer Americans living on the streets or in shelters, according to a year-end report (pdf) from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

50,000 coins for $1.99: How mobile game in-app purchases are warping kids’ understanding of basic economic ideas
James Ledbetter, Quartz

The design of many of these games sends potentially confusing signals to children about fundamental economic ideas like value and pricing.

Five Key Findings on Religion in the U.S.
Frank Newport, Gallup

Religion remains an integral part of most Americans’ lives, but Gallup’s ongoing research shows how this has changed over time. The following are five important findings about religion in the U.S.

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